CID Achievements

Attack on the backbone of Cyber Crime

The Cyber Crime is slowly increasing in the State. We could find that most of these crimes are being committed by way of obtaining pre-activated SIM cards which cannot link the users of the phone to the Register owner of the SIM. A raid in this regard was conducted by CID officials on 26.10.2016 and seized 1000 fake pre-activated SIM cards leading to arrest on Ankit Gupta of Vodafone Micro Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata. The role of Mobile Service Provider is also being investigated and effective action will be taken against them for not being able to prevent such crime and activating the Mobile SIM on false credentials. There was an information that some people are running a fake Telephone Exchange whereby the calls from the foreign countries were being converted to local call and connected through false number to the recipient of the call. This could have given rise to terrorists and extortionist activities and it could have been extremely difficult for the Law Enforcing Authorities to reach to the perpetrators of the crime. The raid was conducted at Rishra in Hooghly district on 16.09.2016 leading to seizures of 12 (twelve) Computers and various SIM boxes and arrested two (2) accused persons namely Ratan Shaw and Ramesh Shaw of RA, P. S. Road, Rishra.