CID Achievements

Control of FICN

FICN was increasingly becoming a menace in Malda and Murshidabad districts of the State. It had gained such notoriety that National Investigation Agency (NIA) had opened one of its unit in Malda itself. CID, WB launched an operation against FICN and seized Rs. 22,66,500/- in 09 (nine) cases and arrested 14 (fourteen) important criminals. It would not be out of place to mention here that few important prominent FICN dealers like Asadullah Biswas and Sudhir Sarkar of Kaliachak, Dist. Malda, Pradip Gagoi @ Rajen, Pawan Sharma and Tirtha Sonowal of Assam etc have been arrested to bring a full check upon this mode of crime and it could be achieved to a great extent. The denomination of Rs.1000/- and Rs.500/- notes have temporarily checked the inflow of FICN but we are keeping a tab on the efforts to pump in the new Rs. 2,000/- and Rs. 500/- FICN currency note in the market.