Message from ADGP CID West Bengal

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), West Bengal.


I am grateful for the opportunity of serving as the Chief of CID West Bengal. It is an honour and a challenge beyond description. I will do my absolute best to be worthy of it. Even at this very moment, the men and women serving our nation through CID West Bengal are standing on duty all around the State. However, it is often said that the most effective weapon against crime is cooperation - and I am certain that with the cooperation of our community, we will be able to work towards our goal of countering all forms of crime in our State. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our community policing initiative – CID Volunteer- which aims to bridge the gap between the community and the police and provide an interface through which we can work together. The volunteers who sign up for this initiative will play a crucial role by being our eyes and ears in every nook and corner of West Bengal.

CID West Bengal is one of the oldest police departments in the nation, having completed its 110th anniversary in 2016. Committed to its motto - “Fight Crime and Win” - CID West Bengal has an illustrious history and has time and again proved itself as one of the most competent police departments in the nation.

CID West Bengal has investigation units and several specialized units for investigation at Headquarters, while it is also supported by 22 Detective Departments (DD Units) throughout the State which assist in the timely and successful execution of its multifarious functions. If you wish to know more, our website’s “About Us” and “Functions” sections will provide you with a detailed idea about how CID West Bengal operates.

We have recently celebrated our 110th year of existence, and over this long period of time, we have evolved in order to respond to the full range of challenges before CID West Bengal and our daily mission is to strive and live up to our motto - “Fight Crime and Win” - through a judicious blend of human resources and technological tools.

In the 20th century, the function of CID West Bengal were limited to the investigations of homicides, dacoity, robbery, burglary and theft (DRBT), railway and highway crimes, narcotics, economic offences, cheating and fraud, while various steps were also taken against human trafficking and for the protection of women and children.

The advent of the 21st century, on the other hand, has brought with it rapid advances in internet and telecommunication technologies. The conveniences accompanying these advancements have permeated across social and economic lines, as many people in our nation have benefitted from the rapid advancement of technology.

Unfortunately, many of the attributes of these new technologies - low cost, ease of use and anonymous nature - have led to a stark rise in cases of cyber crime which range from credit card fraud, ransomware, identity theft, fraudulent scams, transmission of pornography, child sexual exploitation, cyber-stalking and many possible violations which may not have yet been identified.

The full range of challenges posed by cybercriminals is incredibly serious and growing. Such incidents are becoming more commonplace, more dangerous, and more sophisticated. It is therefore our duty that we constantly evolve in order to respond to this threat, and we resolve to begin our 12th decade of existence with a renewed vigour to counter the same. In view of the same, CID West Bengal has equipped itself suitably to handle the same with razor-sharp professionalism. Apart from this, we have embraced cutting-edge technology to help us counter this threat.

CID WB is working on developing the tools for “Predictive Policing “. The Big data analysis and use of scattered database on various platforms is being used to achieve this good. This will ensure utmost safety and security for the people of the State. We are also committing ourselves to achieve conviction for the active criminal by coordinating the efforts of districts/Police Commissionerates and CID West Bengal, in a cohesive manner.

Finally, on behalf of CID West Bengal, I assure you of our sincere efforts towards serving the State better and look forward to your wholehearted cooperation in our journey towards excellence.

Your suggestions and feedback will be most welcome.

Heartiest greetings!

Addl. Director General of Police
CID, West Bengal